Sunday, August 26, 2007

Postcards From the California State Fair

Dear Trevor,

We just got back from the fair and are getting ready to party hardy til we're retardy at Motel 6 in Sacramento! Wish you were her!


Dear Mlle. Tina V. Pham V,

I just spent a day at the fair! Although it is overpriced, I liked it! The vendors gave me free cotton candy because I told them I've never tried it before and it was delicious. I figured out the secret to food items at the fair: they either sell something really salty or really sweet, so you're kinda forced to jump back and forth between foods and you're constantly buying stuff.

Tonight, we're going to walk around downtown and see Superbad! I hope GRE studying went well for you.

Love, Helen/Peng/Vincent/Winnie

Dear Francis,

The days have been long and times have been hard. Sometimes, I wonder if this has been worth it. But when I think of you, my memories take me to a special place, and I feel as if I'm at peace with the world again. It's funny how reflection puts so many things in perspective.

I guess ultimately, what I'm trying to say is that I miss you, and am counting down the days until you're back.

Heart, Helen/Peng/Vincent/Winnie

Dear Vincent,

I know you're in the bed next to me. I can see you. You're lying on your stomach, kinda leaning to your left. Helen's talking about strip clubs and broke my concentration. She just sat on the bed. Don't study GRE. It's not worth it.

Hey! Remember that time when we went to the California State Fair and got strawberry lemonade? It was way too sweet and I wanted to eat a bloomin' onion (refer to postcard to Tina). But that entire time, my mind kept flashing back to that sow, and the placenta still hanging out of her uterus. Do you think that ever came out?

Heart, Peng

Dear Mary,

Sacramento is soooooooo boring! The cover charge for Rick's Show Girls is $50! Ridicurous.

Love, Winnie

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Today's gourmet burgers were great, thanks to Peng, Yao, Eric Lai, Vincent, and Helen. I can't speak for the quality of the Chardonnay, but the cranberry juice cocktail was excellent. :) As usual, I slept through the cooking portion of the meal, and arose at the most opportune moment. I promise it's not on purpose!