Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I was talking to Clare yesterday and we were saying how the fact that we are graduating hadn't 'hit' us yet. For me, I think it did this morning when I read this article in the Daily:


While I think most of us are ready to graduate and move on (if only to Stanford graduate housing), we will certainly be thankful for the experiences we had. I was struck by how many of the things on the list I had already done without explicitly trying to, and how many I did with my draw group. Almost every item makes an memory flash before my eyes--some that I haven't thought about in at least a year. They also missed many things that would be on our draw group list like go to Castro St. for Boba/Pho and find typos in the Daily (there were at least 2 in this article alone).

I am not unhappy that there are things on the list that I have not done. Nevertheless, if there's anything that we want do before graduation, we don't have much time left. Let's do some exciting or mundane things together before it's too late.