Thursday, December 13, 2007

While putting off studying...

Almost done with finals! I'll be glad for Secret Santa later today as a study break.

I'm really glad I took bio this quarter. Trevor's taking Math 51, and we've agreed that we have more respect for bio and math after struggling with them ourselves. :P Well, I had respect for biology as a field, but not really any understanding of what studying biology in class was like. "It's just memorization," people claimed. Lies! Genetics was really cool. I had no idea it would be so similar to engineering problem-solving. And even though biochemistry may be mostly memorization, it's a staggering load of it, at least for me. I still can't believe that we have to remember all of the steps in glycolysis, the TCA cycle, and who knows what else (hmm, the "who knows" part is probably something to worry about :P). I certainly wouldn't tell someone that it's "just memorization," as if anyone could do it... it's not easy for people like me.

Congrats to everyone who's already finished! And good luck to those of us who haven't -_-