Saturday, February 2, 2008

tea time

Today we had our first ever tea time!

Next time we should dress up :D

I like turtles

Friend: i called my mom today
Friend: and she asid" cant talk, got to go get your brother from the groomers, bye"
Friend: he's spoiled
Yao: .... hair cut?
Friend: yep
Yao: what's a groomer?
Yao: ok
Yao: how old is your brother?
Friend: 3
Friend: a groomer grooms animals
Friend: full body ahircut
Yao: haha
Yao: he's... really hairy for a 3 year old?
Friend: wait
Friend: you know im talking about my dog?
Friend: right?
Yao: >_>
Yao: no?
Friend: oh my god.