Thursday, September 6, 2007

Spontaneous move-out

Tina wants to defend herself against jetlag, and I want to defend myself against the plight of the car-less, so we are both moving out tonight. I'm not sure what I would do without Tina in Berkeley. Shrivel up and die, probably.

Today was my last day of work. My coworkers have been really nice to me all summer, and I know I've learned a ridiculous amount while here. And they love food! Which makes things all the better. So many days, I was kept alive in the afternoon by the sudden and unexpected arrival of cookies in the office. Yesterday we had ice cream cake in honor of the graphic designer's birthday. I was going for my third slice, and the CEO was next to the cake, so she cut me a piece, and then cut me a fourth and insisted I take it. I felt positively sick after eating four slices, even though it was so good. Then today, they had chocolate cake because it was my last day, and the CEO was cutting cake again, and she "accidentally" cut me a second piece. Then when I tried to give it to the head engineer, who hadn't gotten a piece yet, she stopped me! That's when I realized that she had it in for me. I'm not sure what it is about people over the age of twenty-five believing that twenty-year-olds are still growing. Maybe I'll think like that someday.