Friday, March 7, 2008

it works. it effing works

today i tested my radio (133 project) with nancy
after 10 weeks, it works.
we were able to FM modulate a input audio signal
and then demodulate it back down and play it on a speaker.

there were no wires!
it was amazing...the circuits took music and put it into the air.
then it took it out of the air and made it into music again.
so cool!

it'd be great if you guys could see it someday.

anyways, i haven't seen anyone in awhile. what happened to y'all.


Winnie said...

i saw you from afar today-- at approximately 3:10am. you were working in that quaint little 2nd floor kimball study lounge. you looked so serene, slaving away diligently under the yellow light of an overheated metal lamp. i called out your name in hopes you'd see me too.

then i got yelled at.

f-ing a.

Yao said...

Grats! Do you need any help moving from Packard back to Kimball?

Tracy said...

i see you in packard!! i'll be back again tonight (and many times in the next week or so). show me your project! :)